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The walking tour for you and your camera.

About The Tour:
Shoot Toronto is for anyone who has a camera, whether you live in Toronto, Canada, or are a visitor. You might be a professional photographer looking for inspiration and new subjects, or an amateur wishing to try out your new digital camera. Even if you do no photograpy at all, you can enjoy discovering parts of the city you have never seen before. You will pick up a bit of interesting history on a Shoot Toronto tour, but mostly you will discover Toronto on and off the beaten path, through the lens of your camera. The tour takes about 2 hours in the eastern part of downtown Toronto, between Bay St.and the Don River. Designed to enlighten and inspire, it takes you to some intriguing older parts of the city, to some unique new parts, and to some old parts that are being made new again.

About The Guide Book
Shoot Toronto is a self-guided walk. The new, updated, 3rd edition will be available soon as an ebook that you can take with you on almost any mobile device or e-reader!  If you wish to be notified when the new edition is available, just email me at don.northpointi[email protected] and put Shoot Toronto in the subject line.


                                                  Watch a brief video here about the tour:Watch a short video here about the tour:


The "castle house" is no more.  Get out and shoot other interesting structures while they are still there.